Web Creation Software: Top Four Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress To Create Your Website

I want to share some thoughts of encouragement with those who want to create their own website, but do not know where to start.

With so many web creation products available in the market today, the newbie may feel overwhelmed by the choices. However, there is a lurking danger embedded in to many choices. It’s called “Procrastination”.

Here’s the problem: You want to create a website – either to help promote your brick and mortar business or you want to create a website to earn an additional income from it. You start your research and now find a so many web creation tools that you feel overwhelmed. The top ten listings of products are investigated – a process which may take hours to do. Often, after these research sessions you are even more confused. Here’s where the danger lies. You do not make a choice. Because you are confused, you procrastinate. It’s also called “the fear of making the wrong choices”.

If this sounds familiar to you, hopefully the ideas I want to share with you will help you to make a breakthrough.

I want to encourage you to take a deep and honest look at a free web creation tool we all know by name: WordPress. With more than 18,000,000 sites built on the WordPress platform, it surely is one of the most used web creation tools available to mankind. Can 18 million users be wrong? I don’t think so!

Let’s look at some advantages of the WordPress software, without going into any technical details.

Why should you consider WordPress?

Reason #1: WordPress is free

Need I say more? Let’s face it, you can’t beat the price!

Reason #2: WordPress is actually easy to use

For the newbie WordPress may seem to be a little intimidating. However, because there are so many users, you can find help on hundreds upon hundreds of support sites and forums should you encounter a problem. If you can send emails, use a word processor and use Facebook, you have enough skills to create and maintain a site with WordPress – it’s that easy. Don’t let the little voice in your head tell you that you are not good enough!

Reason #3: WordPress is loved by the search engines

You sole aim, apart from setting up a blog or website, is that it should attract visitors. There’s absolutely no use of having a site drifting around in a sea of websites and no-one comes to your site. This is where the power of WordPress comes in so handy. In general, WordPress sites are more easily ranked by the search engines than the typical.html static website. With a little tweak here and there and the help of very useful and free plugins, your site may be indexed within a matter of hours. Users will be able to testify that new blogs are often indexed and rewarded with good ranking within a day. I personally have a site that was launched and within less than 24 hours, got ranked in the sixth position on Google.

Reason #4: You can access and update your site from anywhere in the world

Because WordPress is installed on a server and not on your computer, you have the privilege to access you site wherever you are, providing that you have access to the ‘Net. This is a major advantage. Just think for a moment: The previous day, before leaving on a week-long trip, you added a post to your website about the launch of “the next best product” so solve the world’s problems. However, you mistakenly made a typo in the link to the product to be launched (we are all human, aren’t we?). The next morning, hundreds of miles from you office, you discover the error on your site. Obviously it needs to be rectified immediately. With WordPress it’s easy as pie – you can access your site from any Internet connection point in the world and fix what needs to be fixed. (And hopefully become wealthy…)


If you are still sitting “on the wire” and can’t make a decision which web creation tool to use, I urge you to take the plunge now and throw all you weight in getting to know WordPress. Stop procrastinating – just do it! You’ll be glad you did.